Located on a 400 Acre Century Farm


SIP is Nestled in South Central Iowa amongst gently rolling hay fields and cattle pastures. Owned by John & Lori Schooley, the farm has been in the family for 3 generations. Specializing in cow/calf production, the farm has been a hub of activity for many years.

Our Happy & Healthy Puppy Promise

 Here on the farm we raise more than just a 'dog'. We raise companions that will be your little ones best friend, the partner that always loves, and the addition to the family you didn't know was missing. 

You won't find our dogs stuffed into tiny cages, mistreated or afraid of people. What you will find is the friendly, loving faces of our crew that will beg you to come play with them! We always welcome families to come out and pick up their puppy in person so they can meet the parents too. 

Raised Like Our Own Kids

Our puppies are raised like kids. They spend their first 4 weeks of life close to mom inside our house. After the 4 weeks, if the weather is nice, they join mom outside in a clean, safe kennel. At this stage mom likes to have more independence, while still keeping a close eye on her litter. 

Once the puppies are weaned they are taken on daily walks (more running and playing than walking) and get to have fun running around the backyard. Each puppy is played with on a daily basis, which makes them incredibly social by the time they hit 8 weeks. 

A Healthy Dog, is a Happy Dog!

We vaccinate and worm each puppy ourselves and you can see our regime here. We are very adamant about keeping our dogs at their very best and free of disease. Each puppy is taken into our trusted Vet to be given a thorough health examination that new families will be given a copy of.